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Your Message and Reputation

March 11, 2021|Ted Tobin


The other day I was surfing the web, because frankly, real surfing is way too cold for me. And I ran across two very similar ads for local nurseries in my area. I was clearly being targeted because I was looking for indoor plants to liven up my very cold and lonely office. Cold seems to be theme today. Both ads were similar in that they were neighborhood focused and bragged about their customer service. But I had already heard from a co-worker that at one of the nurseries the owner was a crazy person. So, I read that ad as a lie and the other one as something of value. Now of course customers may not be swayed as easily as I am from one person’s opinion but… who am I kidding, of course they are! So, this is a long way of pointing out that If your reputation and brand need work, it’s likely that your marketing won’t be nearly as affective. Guard your brand people, it’s worth protecting. Now I am off to get a coat. It’s cold in here.

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