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The Time Is Now

April 8, 2021|Ted Tobin

Tic Toc … The time is now.

The Tic Tok culture is alive and thriving. I think Tic Tok is an amazing platform for creativity.  Our attention span has been getting shorter and shorter.  Sure, we spend hours consuming content on a daily basis. But we now portion out our consumption into smaller and smaller portions.  In fact, when a piece of content is more than a minute, we all seriously decide if it’s worth our time.  

Tic Tok has taken this short form content creation to the next level. It has truly turned it into an art form. Creativity and storytelling has gotten much more focused and concise.

So how do we learn from Tic Tok and take it to our marketing pieces?  

Short? Yes! But if you use your precious seconds to beg for business you are failing right out of the gate. Here is the only goal of a short piece of marketing content. “Hey, that’s interesting… tell me more.”  

We want potential customers to be engaged enough to seek out more info on their own. That’s it. Nothing more. If it’s their idea to find out more then they are much more likely to come to you “on their own”. Keep it short, keep it entertaining, keep it real.

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