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Sticks and Stones

April 15, 2021|Ted Tobin

Words… let’s talk about them.  We all know they are important, and we all know they can make or break our marketing campaigns. My theory has always been to use fewer words to get the point across in a crystal-clear manner. In other words, if you have a headline that reads “It’s a crazy real estate market. But we have some ideas to help you through.” you might say something like “Crazy market…simple ideas.” This grabs the attention and makes it the prospective client’s idea to read further to find out more. Having someone want to discover something on their own is much more powerful than shoving it in their faces. 

Words like “old” “classic” “tried and true”, unless you are talking about classic coke, can hurt you with certain audiences. Unless the demographic your chasing calls for it, it’s best to keep your chosen words to something that will be intriguing to all kinds of people. That way you reach the people you are seeking to reach and may accidently pick up some people from other demos. 

This was a long winding way of saying, use the right words, and use fewer of them. Irony.

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