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Good Vs Great

October 10, 2020|Ted Tobin

A GOOD customer is of such value to any business. They continue to use your product or service and they support your enterprise.

A GREAT customer is exponentially more valuable. They value you above all of your competitors. They feel part of your endeavor and have a sense of pride when you thrive.

A GOOD customer will try and wait for you to solve any workflow or backorder issues.

A GREAT customer does all they can to not be part of the problem instead of part of the solution. It is not their issue, but they care so much about your business they empathize with your situation.

A GOOD customer is a great client.

A GREAT customer is a great friend to the business.

So here at CMS, we decided to have a discussion on how we can create GREAT customers. In the end, we determined it was us, that are responsible for creating GREAT customers. We have a set of guidelines we use, in order to make sure our clients know we are invested in them.

Below is one of the places I learned this approach.

Back in my early Disney days, I wasn’t making a lot of money but I found I needed some new work clothes to fit with my new job and environment. I wandered into a men’s clothing store on Ventura Blvd. “Sy Devore.” I took one look at the prices and I knew I was out of my depths financially. That’s when the owner, Danny, approached me. He didn’t try and sell me, instead, he inquired as to my needs, my job, my environment. My likes and dislikes. I felt comfortable enough at that point to tell him that my bank account was more of a work in progress than a full- fledged portfolio. Danny gave me a shirt to try on and when I came out of the dressing room he said, “Take that off, that’s not for you.” He cared about my money! His was a long-term goal not a short-term sale. I have been shopping at Sy Devore for over a decade now. Everything I own is from that shop. I don’t even bother looking elsewhere. When, Danny, has an event I attend and I have raved to countless people about his store and products. (Yes, this blog does count). I am a GREAT customer for “Sy Devore.”

When we care about people and their business over money, we create customers who are invested in our success. Here at CMS, try, and I say try, because we are not perfect, to maintain that kind of relationship with all the small businesses we work with. So, thank you to all who support us and allow us to reciprocate.

Great is better than good!

Ted Tobin
Executive Creative Director
Creative Marketing Solutions

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