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Getting To Know You And Your Business.

October 10, 2020|Amy Atkins

Did you know?

Marketing can be fun, informative, and creative. When you put yourself in the position of the consumer and how they would process information, sometimes asking a question can be thought provoking.

Sometimes we talk to people, but it is much more engaging to talk with people. Try starting a conversation about your business with “Did you know?” explain something about your business that the average consumer may not know.

It can be a fun fact, or just a component on how your business runs. If you are running a restaurant for example, you may offer some information about how a particular dish is made, or what goes in a specialty drink that you don’t see every day.

Last week I had lunch at a popular seafood restaurant, I ordered a drink that has a fun name but what is actually in it? Turns out they add lavender!

Who knew?

How is something prepared? What is in it?

When I had some orthodontic work done over the past year, I had no idea that the popular method was actually thought up by a college kid! . I told my Orthodontist they should share that fun fact about the product they provide.

Just about any business can have a “did you know” question about what  they do. Try it, have fun and get the word out to engage with more people.

Amy Atkins

VP of Marketing and Brand Development

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