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Don’t Sell… SOLVE

April 1, 2021|Ted Tobin

Value value value. Add value, don’t sell your clients, show them the value of what you have to offer and how special you are. This is the key to digital and social media marketing. It’s prompted me to write the tag line “Don’t Sell… Solve.”  

But it’s our job/responsibility as business owners to show our perspective clients and customers that value. We all have gotten it from time to time. “I’m just not interested.” What this truly means is that they cannot see the value of what you are offering. If I were to offer you an exciting new toothpaste, you would most likely stick with what you already like. But If I could prove that toothpaste gave you superpowers, we would all be brushing away. 

The key is being sincere and honest and getting clients to be open to a positive change or direction. If you present as a salesperson, they will shut down. Even if you are offering superpowers, they will think it’s a scam. Don’t sell, don’t scam, SOLVE!!!

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