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A Clean Brand

March 4, 2021|Ted Tobin

A lot of you use social media to help market your business. And some of you don’t even despise the process. Looking at a lot of social media channels I see a bunch of totally unrelated posts. Kind of like channel surfing on the TV, getting a piece of this and a piece of that, there is no consistency.

Kids, channel surfing was the precursor to web surfing without as many cat videos and memes

For purposes of social media consistency, you need a BRAND to provide what you are being consistent to. A brand provides “guidelines”, and those guidelines provide the consistency that represent your business. Without a brand you can’t be consistent, simply because there is nothing to be consistent with, and that’s where social media and marketing begin to look crazy. This channel surfing idea of seeing totally unrelated posts can come from the lack of a strong brand that truly represents your business or unwillingness to stick to your brand correctly. Creating a brand and sticking to your brand guidelines will provide professionalism and consistency and reflect positively on your business. You could have an amazing brand on paper, fail to stick to it and then have a chaotic eye soar of a social media feed.

Let’s face it you need more brand in your social media diet.

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